Thursday, March 3, 2011


My apologies for the silence as of late. Without getting into it, I just have had way too much on my plate following the holidays, most of it relating to the fact that everything that can break and require repairs has. With that in mind, I will be putting the blog on hiatus until at least April, more likely until after my appearance at Pittsburgh Comicon that month.

My mentalism book, tentatively titled Playthings of the Mind, is taking me longer than I anticipated to put together. I want a strong, intelligent beginners' guide that has not only effects, but performance theory and history. Naturally, this means the research alone is chewing up a lot of time. The thing is, I want to deliver you all a quality product that I've sunk as much effort as I can muster into. I'm not about to half-ass this in the name of just turning out a book.

That in mind, I'm withdrawing my predicted release date of this Spring. I won't be announcing a new date until I have a clearer idea of when I can realistically expect to get this done. I will be working on a couple of smaller projects in the mean time. I will make announcements here when any of them are released.

I will see you all again this Spring. Take care.